Friday, November 03, 2006

A lighter schedule

Having deployed two systems in this week and worked throughout Wednesday night, I decided to have a lighter schedule today. Met an ex-colleague H for lunch. Apparently H just resigned and most probably gonna set up a company. And H was quite interested in my product so we may work out something together in future. H told me about his business idea, but it seemed to me that it is rather general. I am actually expecting a more concrete business plan, but all he mentioned was just a general idea of the kind of business he wanted to do and how big the targeted market is. Well, it is too early to say whether H can succeed or not. Or eventually he may decided not to setup company at all. I had seen quite a number of failure cases due to lack of proper planning. I believed H has some business development experiences which may come useful, but being an entrepreneur needs much more than that.

After the lunch, I went to the library to do some leisure reading and surfing, before going to the gym for some work-out. There wasn’t a lot of people in the gym, because it was still within office hours. Guess that’s one benefit of being one’s own boss: more freedom in time management.

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