Monday, December 01, 2008

Accountant from hell (Part 2)

After trying all means to contact my accountant D to no avail, I decided to drop by his office to try my luck. To my surprise, D was in his office. And the first thing he said to me was to ask for my payment! Wow, how shameless can a person get. He kept delaying the deliverables, avoid my calls/sms/email, and he still have the cheek to ask for payment?

D claimed that he had emailed me the accounts, but I obviously did not receive and I had sms him about this. He replied my sms that he would send the email again, but he didn’t. When I questioned D about the lack of response, he simply told me that he was overseas and just came back. However, I really don’t believe a person can be non-contactable via call/sms/email even if he’s overseas. Anyway, I did not want to waste my breathe to argue with him, so I just told him to deliver my accounts straight away. But D started to try wriggled his way out, saying the source files are not in the computer, and he had to go meet another client.

When I insisted that he show me the accounts and returned me all my bank statements and other stuffs, he even had the cheek to ask me to settle the payment first. He claimed that I could have received his email and tried to set him up by denying any receival, while secretly use his completed balance sheet to file my company tax.

Alright, I had enough of his nonsense and was really sick of arguing with such weasel. I told him I would bring my cheque book to his office in the afternoon and he’d better deliver to me all my accounts in return.

Then at the afternoon, I went through the accounts with him, which still have quite a few errors. I gave him one more day to prepare all the necessary documents and paid him on the spot when I received those documents. However, he couldn’t find the invoices and bank statements that I passed to him, and needed at least two more weeks to find them and return to me. He also promised to send me the softcopy of the documents, but till now I had not received them too.

Anyway, I have used the hardcopy documents that D eventually delivered to me to file my company tax. I had never been so dissatisfied with a person’s services before, let alone one from a so-called professional. The way he tried to avoid responsiblities, push blames to others and argue shamelessly left a really bad taste in my mouth.