Friday, July 17, 2009

Just a little updates

Haven’t been updating this blog for more than half a year. A friend had asked me whether I intended to stop blogging, but that was never my intention. I was just too tied up with many things and blogging seemed to be a luxury to me.

Anyway, I had moved to a new office recently. It is around three times larger than my previous one. So I had a little more space to setup a mini-lab within my office. In fact, this new office is in many ways quite similar to my very first office: they are both of around the same size, they are situated at the same floor (though different buildings), and the view outside the window is also quite similar. One thing different is that, I had to setup this new office all by myself.

When I sat in my new office working at night while listening to radio, memories of the past silently crept in. I remembered in early 2006, after I parted ways with my ex-business partner, I was also working alone in a similar office. However, the feeling was very different. I felt lost, uncertained and weary at that time. But I refused to give up. I was thinking to myself, what’s left for me if I were to give up my dreams, ideals and passions? And thus, I persevered.

It seemed that a lot of entrepreneurs liked to talk about their early days struggles. I guessed the reason is similar to why a lot of guys liked to talk about their NS (National Service) days, especially those “siong” period. It is always memorable to think back how you overcame your difficult times. It gives you strength, beliefs and courage to face the more difficult times ahead.

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