Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Last Friday, I was in office preparing a mass order from my distributor in central america. It was a rather mundane job, and I really wished I had some temp staffs to do all these on my behalf. In the midst of the task, a random thought suddenly came to my mind: “Wouldn’t it be a risk for my distributor to invest so much to import my product? I wouldn’t have invested my money on a non-big-name product myself.”

Strangely, at that moment of time, I felt very grateful to this distributor. He had enough belief in my product that he had decided to brand it and push it into his region. And I am just a small company. I am just a nobody. He had the belief in my product that even myself doesn’t have.

Throughout my career, including the period when I was an employee, there had been countless of people who chose to believe in me and give me opportunities. I used to take it for granted, thinking that it was all because of my abilities that earned their trust. However, these people can always choose to place their trust on another guy, another engineer, another company, or another product. The world will continue to revolve. I am not indispensible. Nobody is.

To those customers who have chosen my product, to those companies who have engaged me for their projects, and to those resellers who have chosen to work with me, I hoped I will always remain grateful.

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