Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Reflections for Year 2006

I would start the first post of the year with some reflections on year 2006, followed by my year 2007 resolutions.

Time really flies. In one month’s time, I will be celebrating my private limited’s one-year anniversary. After all the ups and downs, I had become more determined and focused on the path I had chosen. Till date, I had been wandering in the uncharted waters for more than 21 months (including the partnership period). The slight feeling of loneliness, fear and uncertainties still hovers around, though I had somehow grown accustom to it.

Looking back, there are of course a lot of things that I think I should have done better. I had wasted too much time during my “depression” period. I thought I was well-prepared for venturing out, but eventually I realized there are so much things I needed to learn. I should have learnt more about marketing before I designed the product. I should have know more about SEO before deciding the design of my company website. But if anyone asked me whether I regret my decision to start-up my company, my answer at any point of the time is a firm ‘no’.

Life is just too short to have regrets. I always think that I am very fortunate to be able to receive education and eventually go into university. My university education and the subsequent work experiences helped to build up the foundation for my present venture. Compared to my father, who only managed to have 3 years of formal education because of financial problems, I am much more fortunate. My father told me that he used to top his class, but was unable to continue his studies because he needed to go out for work.

So, instead of whining about how unfair life is when faced with obstacles, I would rather spend more time to work out a solution. Life is never fair, but how you look at it depends on who you compare yourself with. I am fortunate enough to have the chance to choose the path I wanted. A lot of the older generation didn’t even have the chance.

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