Sunday, February 11, 2007

Random Thoughts

About a year ago, I had a chat with a business associate NC. That was during the time when everything in the world seemed to be against me. I had a lot of uncertainties then, and was quite undecided on whether to continue the business or not. I remembered NC commented that in business, one had to be ruthless. Apparently, he made that comment because his competitors (some big GLC companies) used some underhanded means to snatch win a deal from his company.

I was very naïve then. I replied that I still wasn’t sure whether I am suitable to be an entrepreneur, and whether I am really equipped to survive the coldness of the business world. I thought to myself, maybe I would just take a step at a time, and if I eventually had to go against my principle, then I would probably go back to the lab to do academic researches.

One year pass-by. I am still very naïve. I still believe one need not play politics in order to survive as an entrepreneur. I believe, in creating a better world through innovation. I believe, in passions and dreams, not money, as the motivating factor. All these, despite I had experienced betrayal, lies and setbacks. And despite the fact that I had almost drowned myself in the swamp of depression.

All because, I still see the goodness in people. For every bad thing you encountered, there probably lies a sincere smile in some other corner. Life is a test of character. No matter which path you choose, it probably would not be a smooth sail. But every time you tamed a storm, you become stronger. And only by becoming stronger, you can continue to stand by your principle, to make changes and to help the rest in braving the storms in their lifes.

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