Thursday, January 11, 2007

Year 2007 Resolutions

I realised that I did not achieve any of my resolutions last year. In fact, I had never achieved more than 50% of any new year resolutions that I had set for the past decades. One reason may be because I am sort of a perfectionist and I tend to set a rather high target for myself. Or, I am simply not hard-working enough.

So this time round, I shall write down some of my new year resolutions (not in any order) so that I can review them by end of the year:

1. Reduce my weight to around 72 kg

That’s my weight around 10 years ago, when I was able to run 2.4km under 10 minutes and complete SOC within 8 min 30 seconds. I don’t expect to reach the same level of fitness, but at least I hoped to attain a similar physique. Should be achievable if I stick to my work-out schedule of 3-times-weekly 3-km jog plus a weekly gym work-out.

2. Obtain my driving license

Had been postponing this for far too long. Better to settle it once and for all.

3. Build up my company’s cash capital to S$XXX,XXX.

Without enough reserves, I wouldn’t feel comfortable to grow my company. My target for this year would be to build up as much financial and intellectual assets as possible for future expansions.

4. Steadily grow my personal asssets

My personal bank account had been drastically reduced for the past two years. Its about time to build it up again.

5. More contribution to the online programming community

Had been a member of this online programming community for several years, but wasn’t as active for quite some time. Will try to allocate more time to it. It makes me happy when I am able to help new programmers with their problems.

6. Continue learning

There are so many things to learn. Technologies, financial, economics, marketing, philosophy, psychology, literature, etc. Not all are directly useful to my company or closely related to any income-generating avenues, but that shouldn’t be the way to judge the usefulness of any knowledge.

7. More involvement in voluntary works.

Something that I had (shamefully) neglected for the past few years. Had been an active SPCA volunteer during my university days, but ever since I started working, I had become less involved in these voluntary works. Busy is just a convenient excuse.

Though I had donated more money compared to my school days, I would somehow consider that as “Convenient Charity”, that is, giving out some spare money to charities (or some poor families) to make oneself feel better. Sure it is better than nothing. But if I can do a little more than just donating money, why not contribute my bit to a better world?

8. Be a vegetarian for once a week.

I loves to eat. But sometimes I can’t help feeling bad when eating the meat of other animals (Btw, I am not a Budhist). So I think, why not start from being a vegetarian for once a week?

Alright, that’s all. I shall come back to this post by end of the year to do a self-apraisal.

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